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Stay Cozy and Warm

Winter’s coming. Snow falls. Icicles hang. The bitter wind bites your cheeks. You want nothing more than to escape the freezing cold.

But where can you find relief?

Look no further than Western Heating and Air Conditioning. For over 5 years we’ve been keeping homes across the Chicago land and Suburbs warm, comfortable and free from the harsh winter chill.

Got an old clunker of a furnace that’s on its last legs? Need a new system that’ll really crank up the heat? The pros at Western Heating and Air Conditioning have got you covered like a wool blanket on a frosty night.

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Fire Up a New Furnace

That relic you call a furnace getting ready to kick the bucket? Say adios to bone-chilling cold snaps with a new, energy-efficient furnace from Western Heating and Air Conditioning.

They’ll hook you up with a shiny new furnace from top brands like Trane, Carrier or Lennox. Their expert techs will help pick the perfect model to keep every nook and cranny of your place nice and toasty.

Get a free in-home estimate and kick this winter’s butt with a new furnace from the pros at Western Heating and Air Conditioning!

A new furnace means:

man calculating a couple of electricity bills with a calculator and a lot of coins on the table

Lower Gas

Lower gas bills – New models are way more efficient

Woman using a remote control for heating a room

Rooms Heating

Rooms heating up quick and even – No more cold spots!

Woman working with computer in a coworking call center

Hakeup Calls

No more 3AM wakeup calls from clanking noises – New units run quiet as a mouse.

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Rebates – Cash in on deals to save you some money

Furnace on the Fritz? We Can Fix!

Don’t let your furnace give up the ghost completely! At the first sign of trouble, ring up Western Heating and Air Conditioning. Their expert technicians have the skills to diagnose any issue and the tools and parts to get your furnace back in fighting shape.

From burners and blowers to gas valves and heat exchangers, they can fix it all. Their speedy repairs mean you don’t have to bundle up like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story.

So call Western Heating and Air Conditioning today if your furnace needs a fix up! Stay nice and toasty this winter.

Furnace acting funky?

Here are some signs it needs help:

Crank Up the Heat with Boilers

Want a heating system with some serious muscle? Then it’s time to upgrade to boilers, baby!

Boilers heat up water and send it throughout your home through a maze of pipes and radiators. The result? Wave after wave of glorious, skin-warming heat right where you need it.

Some red hot boiler benefits:

Take control of the cold with a powerful boiler system from Western Heating and Air Conditioning. Grab your free estimate today!

New Furnace

Fire Up a New Furnace

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